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“Mix-Match-Save” Special Product Pricing Program

In an effort to help title (closing) agents attain the level of education needed to remain viable in today’s highly-regulated marketplace, we have created a “MIX-MATCH-SAVE” Special Product Pricing Program that enables agents to mix and match any of the Eligible Products listed below and immediately benefit from multiple-product purchases. Agents may purchase one of each title or may prefer to buy multiple copies of a single title. Either way, you save!

  • Buy 2 and Save $50
  • Buy 3 and Save $100
  • Buy 4 and Save $150
  • Buy 5 and Save $200

NOTE: Offer applies to products purchased in a single order. When ordering items listed as “preorder” you will receive automated confirmation of your order. Immediately prior to shipment, we will notify you by email and permit you to update the shipping address, in the event your address has changed between the date you place your order and the shipping date. We wanted to provide the option of ordering preorder items, to ensure that our customers are afforded the maximum savings possible.

Eligible Products